Electronic Security

Crime Prevention System to Protect your Business

To safeguard your business premises with the latest safety systems, we offer turnkey electronic safety system services that will take care of your worries from start-to-finish. We offer physical security systems and remote monitoring services for CCTV, Access Control, Fire Detection, Integrated Building management Systems, Prevention and Intrusion Detection.

Business Benefits

  • Efficiency – Running a business comes with high tasks including security. eSecurity will allow business flourish more effectively and efficiently.
  • Centralization – Management and business owners can now get full report from one area rather than to speak to others.
  • Theft Prevention – No matter what kind of industry. Always have to be prepared for the unexpected theft. Whether internal / external.
  • Crime Prevention – Electronic Security reduces the crime inside facilities.
  • Real Time Monitoring – Business owners / teams are able to see in real-time what is going on within facilities which brings in self discipline.
  • Conflict Resolution – Integrated Security will come forth if a problem were to arise in a work place, whether it be an internal / external.
  • Productivity Boost – Employee monitoring is being used to increase customer satisfaction, improve employee performance and enhance productivity.
  • Business Savings – Integrated electronic Security system will allow your business to save money and be protected.


Fire Alarm System

  • Intelligent Fire Alarm System
  • Conventional Fire Alarm System

Public Address System

  • Communication Systems
  • Amplifiers

Access Control

  • Multi Door Control System
  • Single Door Control System


  • Attendance Management System
  • Finger Print Reader
  • Card Readers

Video Management System

  • VMS Application
  • VMS Server & Storage
  • Wall Display Units
  • Video Analytics


  • Analog CCTV
  • DVR
  • IP Camera
  • NVR
  • Storage Solution
  • Integration Solution

Safety is a cheap and effective insurance policy


  1. What are electronic security systems?
  • Any electronic equipment that provides security are called electronic security systems
  • At Danush, we offer the latest safety systems to safeguard your business premises.

2. What are the types of security systems?

At Danush we offer security systems like fire alarm systems, public address systems, access control, biometric, video management system, surveillance.

3. What are the three types of security controls?

  • The types of security controls are management, physical, operational security.
  • We offer physical security systems and remote monitoring services for CCTV, Access Control, Fire Detection, Integrated Building Management Systems, Prevention, and Intrusion Detection.

4. What is the aim of security?

  • The main goals of security are confidentiality, integrity, and availability
  • At Danush we care about your business and so we provide major security services that include theft prevention, crime prevention, real-time monitoring, and many other things.

5. Is security a threat?

  • Security threat is a risk that can harm computers, organizations.
  • At Danush we understand the importance of security[u1]  and hence provide services that reduce the risk and hence your worries.