Technology in Energy Sector

The challenges faced by energy and utilities industry are tremendous. Regulatory policies, rising energy costs and rising demand constantly push the industry to be in a state of readiness to be able to overcome the numerous challenges. Utilities must constantly evaluate business strategies, operating performance and technology effectiveness to overcome these hurdles to their growth. Danush has been developing IT solutions for Energy companies and has acquired significant know-how concerning unique technology issues faced by the energy and utilities industry. We use this expertise to help customers transform their business. We address the top business issues affecting energy and utilities companies.

Our services:

  • Security (information and physical)
  • Reliability
  • Regulatory actions/changes
  • Supply adequacy
  • Cost management or savings
  • Energy Generation and flexibility
  • Optimization
  • Freedom to focus on core competencies
  • Consistently reliable IT delivery for improved efficiencies
  • Risk mitigation through Business & Continuity and disaster recovery services


  1. How does technology affect energy?
  • Technological improvements will reduce environmental damages, cost of supplying energy, and other energy services
  • Danush has been developing IT solutions for the past two decades for the technical issues faced by energy industries

2. What’s new in energy technology?

  • Space-based solar power, New solar PV applications are new
  • At Danush we provide services that are agile, cost-effective, and use the latest technologies to resolve the issues encountered by energy & utility companies

3. How has technology benefited energy production?

  • Technology has provided alternate use of energy sources that have reduced the impact on the environment.
  • A few of the benefits that our customers will have from our services include security, reliability, optimization, cost management, etc.

4. What is the most important technological need regarding energy?

  • The most important need is to make our energy sources cheaper, safer, and eco-friendly.
  • At Danush we provide services according to the needs of the clients and keeping the environment in mind and also that are cost-effective.

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