Technology in Retail

According to a Zdnet Report, Infrastructure including IT infrastructure will drive the retail store experiences of the future. Technologies like wearables, RFID tagging, iBeacon, interactive digital displays, and facial recognition (to name just a few) are reshaping the way retailers craft in-store experiences for their customers.

Retailers are constantly seeking technologies to both bolster customer experience and increase efficiency – and of course the two are interrelated. Stores as social destinations. Stores can become social gathering places, pleasurable to visit from start to finish.

Stores as efficient fulfilment centres. In other cases, retailers are evolving into service centres as Omni channel commerce brings together virtual and physical worlds. Yet the same in-store technologies are critical to bolstering service experiences for fulfilment of cross-channel sales.

To ensure that the best technologies are chosen — and then that those technologies work consistently – IT infrastructure teams will have to bring strong support to the table.

Danush’s network support capabilities come handy. For example, where, in-store technologies are increasingly supported by a network. Losing network in an experience store is equivalent to losing power. For Retail stores, Danush can provide –

  • Remote monitoring in a multi-network scenario
  • Cabling to network infrastructure setup
  • Closed Circuit television solutions
  • Server and Storage solutions
  • End user and Desktop support
  • Point of Sale support


  1. How is the technology used in retail?
  • Technology in retail is used for many purposes like incrementing sale, convienence for shoppers, etc.
  • Danush’s network supporting capabilities come in handy for the retails to fulfill its goals

2. What’s new in retail technology?

  • Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and intelligent automation are new and flexible platforms
  • Danush ensures the best technology is chosen and provides services for the retail to improve its efficiency.

3. What are examples of retail stores?

  • Best Buy, Wal-Mart, and Target. It can be the local malls as well
  • Danush provides services to all the retails who are in need of a trusted partner and looking for some premium quality services

4. What is the retail and services industry?

  • Retail is the process of selling consumer goods to customers through multiple channels
  • Services industries like Danush provide the required equipment needed for retails and other industries

5. How has technology changed the retail industry?

  • Technology in retail has changed the way they work by increasing efficiency, saving money, providing better products, etc
  • Choosing Danush as the service partner will help your retail in getting the major benefits with the latest technologies.

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