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Your Trusted IT Consultant

Danush helps organizations tackle today’s business technology challenges

The growing lookout for technology experts has led to the need of IT Consultants and also known as virtual CIOs. Handling the wide range of technical requirements with equal efficiency is a major challenge.

At Danush we provide expertise that is unmatched and completely reliable.  Whether it is IT Transformation, Technology Implementation, IT Budgeting, Strategic Planning, IT Governance or Risk Mitigation, we do it all. Our virtual CIOs will take up the ownership of offering you customised solutions that will take your business operations to a whole new level.

Business Benefits

  • Technology Assessment & Auditing
  • IT Transformation Consulting
  • Cloud Adoption Strategy
  • Business Process Automation
  • Vendor Management
  • ERP / CRM Deployment, Optimization
  • HR Resources planning for IT Function
  • Marketing Initiative through Digital Marketing (web/seo/socialmedia/adwords)
  • Project Management & Control
  • ISO 27001 Consulting
  • MIS Reports consulting & automation
  • RFQ Document creation, Tender Specification document creation
  • IT Policies Definition, Best Practices Listing, (documentation as per the standards required by client)
  • IT Service Management Deployment
  • IT Road Map & IT Budget
  • IT Assets Lifecycle Management (Software Compliance, Asset Management from Procurement to disposal)
  • IT Governance, Risk, Compliance


  1. Which is the best IT consulting in Bangalore?

Dhanush is a trusted IT consultant with 20+ years of experience. we hire the best talent and provide expert services that are unmatched and reliable.

2. How do I talk to a IT consulting?

3. How do IT consulting work?

At Danush, we work on a client management model to ensure flexibility. Also, we will coach you and manage your project according to your budget.

4. Why are IT consultants important?

At Dhanush consultants, we are committed to your success and provide on-going support by using the latest technologies to take your business to next level.

5. What is a full-time consultant?

  • A Consultant who is a full-time employee of a consulting company
  • Dhanush is a full-service IT consulting and IT outsourcing organization providing excellent services for businesses worldwide.

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