Technology Non-Profit Organisations

Non-profit Organizations have never had it so tough. The competition for donations has increased tremendously. Corporates have tightened CSR spending, due to downturn in the economic climate. Government support has drastically reduced.

At the mercy of changing expectations, increased scrutiny, greater accountability, growing demand for services, overwhelmed donors, and a host of other issues during these uncertain times has made them very vulnerable. Leveraging technology appears their best bet to accomplish their mission and to do this, they must leverage technology in the most impactful manner possible.

Danush helps the Non-Profit sector bridge the gap between vision and performance. We focus on using IT to meet the technology needs of NGOs so that they can:

  • Scale up operations,
  • Be more efficient,
  • Increase reach,
  • Deliver effective results; and hence realize the goals they are meant to.

We offer multiple strategies to help NGO’s access and use today’s technology with reduced capital expenses and cost-effective operating strategies. We do this either by leveraging existing IT infrastructure to their fullest potential or upgrading existing systems. We have one of the best data centre infrastructure, storage and retrieval of information, fund raising systems, communications initiatives all can be achieved by taking the responsibility of IT from your hands.

More specifically, our infrastructure outsourcing services help our non-profit customers:

  • Measure performance and establish continuous improvement plans
  • Analyse difficult trade-offs and competing priorities
  • Interact effectively with target donors
  • Reduce back-office expenses
  • Leverage statistical and quantitative data regarding their constituencies
  • Improve capacity and capabilities for current and future demand
  • Enhance processes and systems for greater transparency and accountability
  • Optimize aging technology


  1. What does a non-profit organization mean?
  • A nonprofit organization is a business that has been granted tax-exempt status and provides public benefits.
  • Danush supports all such social causes by offering multiple strategies and using the latest technologies.

2. Can technology transform the nonprofit sector?

Yes, by using Danush IT services the non-profit sector can improve efficiency, increase the reach, deliver effective results thus moving a step ahead to success,

3.How do nonprofits use technology?

  • The main focus of nonprofits is to reach the maximum people using technology
  • We have one of the best fund-raising systems, communication initiatives through which the goal can be achieved

4. What software do nonprofits use?

  • The software to be used depends on the specific needs
  • Danush uses the latest technology software
  • we offer strategies either by leveraging existing IT infrastructure to their potential or upgrading existing systems.

5. How does technology help nonprofit organizations?

  • Technology enhances efficiency even with the limited resources the non-profits have
  • Danush has one of the best data center infrastructure and uses cost-effective strategies with the best help of the latest technologies

….. instead of using technology to automate processes, think about using technology to enhance human interaction.

Tony Zambito