Enterprise Mobile Management

Enterprise Mobile Management

Enterprise Mobile Management

Enhance Security & Efficiency of your work-force

Business mobility is complicated and becoming more so. More workers outside the office and more device types; makes, models and operating systems, are making it more important than ever to manage and secure your company’s mobile devices. On top of this, your mobile workers need to be as productive on the road as they are in the office. They need access to key business applications and important company content. To keep up with all this change, your company needs a business mobility strategy, and a top-notch Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) solution to support it

EMM removes the complexity from managing a multi-OS, multivendor, and multi-purpose mobile business environment. EMM manages mobile devices, applications, content, and security from within a single management console.

Benefits of Mobile Device Management

Regulatory Compliance

For many organizations, adherence to regulatory compliance standards is a necessity for their business. This requires that security not be circumvented on an unauthorized mobile device and that reporting capabilities allow for network integrity to be confirmed. One of the benefits of mobile device management services is that compliance initiatives can be monitored and tracked through a centralized console.

Supports BYOD 

While traditional technology support may shy away from any device that isn’t owned by the company touching the network, BYOD has huge cost savings and productivity benefits. In the past several years, many organizations have begun to loosen their grip on policies around employees using mobile devices to access certain data, such as email and calendars. However, attention does still need to be paid to ensuring that company security is not compromised for the sake of efficiency. Properly managing these devices means that no security will be compromised when these personal devices are being used.

Remote Management of Users and Devices

Being able to manage users and their devices remotely are huge benefits of mobile device management. By remotely monitoring and managing your mobile devices, you can guarantee the security and health of all mobile devices connected to your network 24/7. Additionally, having remote control over mobile devices provides the ability to remotely disconnect or disable any unauthorized users or applications.

Controlled Device Updates

As with most technology management, making sure that all systems are up-to-date and patched is a vital component of security. One of the benefits of mobile device management, especially when outsourced to a managed security services provider, is that these updates can be centrally controlled and audited. This not only protects your devices and data, but is also a requirement for government compliance regulations, such as HIPAA, SOX, and PCI.

Application Control

Any applications that are necessary in order for your workforce to remain productive on their mobile devices also needs to be controlled and regulated. Mobile device management provides centralized control to allow for users to install these applications on their devices. The centralization of mobile device management provides for several additional benefits such as role-based access management and the ability to remove or disable an application if a business process changes.

Security Policy Enforcement

Another one of the benefits of mobile device management is that the same security procedures and protocols that are in place for your organization will be able to extend to protect the mobile devices on your network in addition to the static ones. This means things such as identity management, password regulations, access limitations, and blacklists will all carry across to mobile devices, so no loop in security protocols will be created.

Automated Device Registration

Mobile device management solutions are usually equipped to be able to support new device registration automatically. For many, the user or owner of a specific device can be sent and email that will allow them to register the device and then gain access to their various programs and applications that they need. This removes the need to pass around a protected key that would cause serious disruption if it was misplaced or even fell into the wrong hands. It also removes the IT department from the responsibility of having to manually set up every device when one of the employees gets a new phone or tablet and wants to check their email.

Provide for Data Backup & Restore of Corporate Data

When a device is connected to a mobile device management solution, data that is connected to one of the corporate applications will automatically be backed up in accordance with the company’s traditional backup policies. This supports business continuity measures through alleviating mobile devices from being a single point of failure for information loss.

All in all the benefits of mobile device management allow you to be able to accept mobile devices, and the increased worker productivity they provide, into your organization without worrying about whether or not you are compromising your data or security.

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Secure Remote Access

Provide Secure Remote Access to any software to your employees across all branches, locations & multiple offices while cutting IT costs with Secure Remote Access

Deploying software such as ERP, Tally or any other software, at multiple locations is complex, time consuming.  Multi location deployment demands multiple servers & associated software costs thereby increasing total cost of deployment. 

Further regular maintenance such as upgrades and routine backups increases the running & operational costs and consumes higher time. 

Multi location installations of any software exposes the security risk to high levels unless systems are protected completely at each location. 

A typical setup may have Head Office, Multiple branches, Warehouses & Factory locations, Sales Depots.  The usage at various location differs completely depending on type of location & functionalities to be implemented. Like the Sales depot may want to enter only Sales Orders & Cheque received & may need to see the status of their orders & outstanding dues. The different tax policy in different states adds to the complexities of implementation.

Overcome all these above challenges, reduce the risks and time with Secure Remote Access which is highly secure and efficient.   This allows you to easily scale up your business presence hours and not in days.

Danush has successfully implemented Tally and many other software applications on our Secure Remote Access System across Multi locations, Organisations & we know what it takes to have smooth implementation & 24×7 Running.

Say no to synchronization

Say no to multiple servers

Say no to multiple backups

Say no to complexity

Say no to computer frequent upgrades

Say no to late hour working at office

Enjoy real time data & information

Reduce risks of data loss & corruption

Increase  efficiency of your work-force

Grow your business exponentially

Enjoy high speed across all locations

Business benefits from Secure Remote Access

  • Easy to manage and easy to use:  Secure Remote Access is deployed only in one place.  Software installation, configuration and updates are done at central location with tight security.
  • Cost and Time saving: Secure Remote Access is fast, simple and affordable way to instantly deliver any software access to users anywhere. With HTML5, Mobile users can access software from any device (iPhone, IPAD, Galaxy, MAC…).
  • Windows compatible: Secure Remote Access is compatible with Windows XP, VISTA, W7, W8, W10 and 2003/2008/2012 systems (32 and 64 bits).

Danush has successfully implemented Tally and other software applications on our Secure Remote Access System across Multi locations, Organisations & we know what it takes to have smooth implementation.

Danush not only does the design & initial setup for the Server, but also maintains it as part of post implementation support across the country.

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Why business continuity planning should be on your agenda?

Business continuity is a proactive plan

What would happen if your building burnt down tomorrow?  What if your system was hacked and all your data stolen?  Everything was just gone.  How would you continue?   Shocking as this seems, this will be somebody’s reality this year.

If your business closed down, even for a few days or weeks, you would be surprised at the impact that would have.  Customers and Clients would have to seek your product and services elsewhere and your competitors will jump in to provide that option for them.  Your staff may decide they cannot wait around and you could lose expertise that is hard to replace.  All in all, it would be a complete disaster for your business, one you may not recover from.


Resilience is the key when it comes to business continuity planning.  Having the resilience to know where there is risk, putting a plan in place to reduce any impacts and knowing you can get back on track.  It’s planning for what we hope won’t happen but knowing that if it does, we can get back up and running as quickly and smoothly as possible.


Your business data is at the core of your operations.  Having this critical information in the right place is very important.  By ensuring that it is held in a secure location off site you will reduce the risks significantly.  Also ensuring backups are scheduled at timely intervals will result in an easier return to business.


When the worst occurs you require a complete recovery after the incident.  You want to prevent too much disruption in order to get back working again.  You want your phone lines to be diverted, a new temporary premises to operate from and easy access to your systems – a ‘business as usual’ scenario.

Business Continuity not only involves making a plan, it also means testing that plan to ensure it will work in the case of emergency.  It’s like the regular fire drill you do.  Managing the whole process from design, planning and implementation needs the expertise of an IT specialist.

To discuss business continuity planning or disaster recovery planning you can speak with the expert team at Danush, Your Trusted IT Partner.

IT staff augmentation as a strategic weapon

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Effective leaders are always striving to achieve their business goals and objectives. Sometimes, however, important projects are jeopardized because the right team or individual are not available, and companies must acquire skilled resources for temporary or short-term positions.

Key Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation

IT staff augmentation is an effective weapon because it increases an organization’s agility when facing staff or expertise shortages and allows them to get the best talent without the long-term commitment of hiring full-time staff.  This factor greatly increases the likelihood of a project’s success.

Some of the key benefits of IT staff augmentation include:

Cost Effectiveness

IT staff augmentation enables the organization to utilize recruitment capital at the right time, and only for the right required set of skills.  When the business undergoes expansion, it is not an overnight process. IT staff augmentation provides the resource support, as required, which permits organizations to support business growth.

By removing the need to hire full-time staff, a company can benefit by better leveraging their existing funds in the short and long term.  Simply put, on-boarding costs amass even before a candidate walks in for an interview. For example, expenses often include advertising fees, job posting fees, and administrative costs.


IT staff augmentation enables organizations to adapt quickly. By adding immediately available, specialized talent, businesses can extend their in-house team when project deadlines require a larger workforce. This flexibility allows companies to respond faster to changes in the market and exploit opportunities for growth.

For example, a major project is taking place in the organization and the team on the project is becoming overworked. By augmenting staff during peak seasons, organizational leaders will be able to reduce overtime costs and make sure no one gets burnout. After the project winds down, the resource’s contract ends and the organization continues as it was before – business as usual.

Maintaining Control

By using IT staff augmentation, the organization retains complete and total control over who is doing the essential work, who is entrusted with major / minor tasks and who is leading the charge on the most crucial and demanding projects.

Reducing Risk

While it rarely makes sense to completely outsource a project, because key knowledge may not be fully transferred to the organization upon project completion, augmenting existing IT staff with highly trained and knowledgeable consultants reduces the risk of project failure while ensuring critical staff exist within the company can support the ongoing operation.

Not all HR Speaks IT

An organization’s HR team might not be fully aware of the credentials and skills required of an IT professional – particularly given the rapid speed of change within the technology landscape.  As such, finding the right skill set can be challenging and time consuming.  IT staff augmentation helps both HR and IT departments solve that problem and frees them to focus on the important strategic issues.

Achieve Business Initiatives

Augmenting the IT staff to cover back-fill situations often frees up time for regular staff to work on important business projects that are essential for growing the business and maintaining a competitive advantage.

Improve Application and Network Performance

Often IT staff are overstretched, leaving little room for application maintenance and network performance. By using contract staff, on an “as needed basis”, applications can remain up to date and the network performance remains stable.

Improve Business Workflow

Gaps in skill sets, employee turnover, and many other factors often affect day to day operations. IT staff augmentation can help to ensure that the organization’s business workflow is continually productive and free of distractions and interruptions.

A Focused and Unbiased Workforce

When consultants are engaged to participate in specific projects and meet project deadlines, they must approach tasks with precision and focus. Their goal is to ensure the client’s success. Since they aren’t concerned with advancement or the corporate political environment, they are able to maintain objectivity and can provide unbiased feedback related to project status and delivery.

IT staff augmentation is a viable option for companies looking to avail themselves of the most expert talent in the industry. Businesses can reduce costs, achieve project goals, and increase the organization’s growth – not to mention injecting subject matter expertise – all while retaining oversight, control and the strength of the current organizational structure.

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