Secure Remote Access

Secure Remote Access

Provide Secure Remote Access to any software to your employees across all branches, locations & multiple offices while cutting IT costs with Secure Remote Access

Deploying software such as ERP, Tally or any other software, at multiple locations is complex, time consuming.  Multi location deployment demands multiple servers & associated software costs thereby increasing total cost of deployment. 

Further regular maintenance such as upgrades and routine backups increases the running & operational costs and consumes higher time. 

Multi location installations of any software exposes the security risk to high levels unless systems are protected completely at each location. 

A typical setup may have Head Office, Multiple branches, Warehouses & Factory locations, Sales Depots.  The usage at various location differs completely depending on type of location & functionalities to be implemented. Like the Sales depot may want to enter only Sales Orders & Cheque received & may need to see the status of their orders & outstanding dues. The different tax policy in different states adds to the complexities of implementation.

Overcome all these above challenges, reduce the risks and time with Secure Remote Access which is highly secure and efficient.   This allows you to easily scale up your business presence hours and not in days.

Danush has successfully implemented Tally and many other software applications on our Secure Remote Access System across Multi locations, Organisations & we know what it takes to have smooth implementation & 24×7 Running.

Say no to synchronization

Say no to multiple servers

Say no to multiple backups

Say no to complexity

Say no to computer frequent upgrades

Say no to late hour working at office

Enjoy real time data & information

Reduce risks of data loss & corruption

Increase  efficiency of your work-force

Grow your business exponentially

Enjoy high speed across all locations

Business benefits from Secure Remote Access

  • Easy to manage and easy to use:  Secure Remote Access is deployed only in one place.  Software installation, configuration and updates are done at central location with tight security.
  • Cost and Time saving: Secure Remote Access is fast, simple and affordable way to instantly deliver any software access to users anywhere. With HTML5, Mobile users can access software from any device (iPhone, IPAD, Galaxy, MAC…).
  • Windows compatible: Secure Remote Access is compatible with Windows XP, VISTA, W7, W8, W10 and 2003/2008/2012 systems (32 and 64 bits).

Danush has successfully implemented Tally and other software applications on our Secure Remote Access System across Multi locations, Organisations & we know what it takes to have smooth implementation.

Danush not only does the design & initial setup for the Server, but also maintains it as part of post implementation support across the country.

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